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  • What is Micro-dot-global?

    It is a small millimeter dots having a unique code adhere to the surface through a solution of polyurethane which is designed to fluoresce under ultra-violet light source to help facilitate recovery.

    How It Works?

    The unique number of each microdot gives the authenticity of objects and associated features including photos of each well marked and thus identifying its current owner. After labeling of objects with Micro-dot-global the owner must register with the Micro-dot-Global website and it lists the objects marked as the amount of kit purchased, this database that has encrypted security and certification

    may be included all the characteristics of the object: Category, Brand, Model, Serial Number and photos, the status field identifies whether the object is in its normal, disabled, transferred or stolen and this case is available contact information (only those authorized by the owner) to the law enforcement authorities who has permitted access to the Micro-dot-global database to verify a product if required.

    In large quantities can be included with the Micro-dot-global identification code the name of the purchasing company, becoming a customizable product for specific identification

    Product Presentation:

    The Micro-dot-global is sold in kits:

  • 500 = Micro-dot-global (Personal Kit for marking objects 5)
  • 1000 = Micro-dot-global (Home Kit for marking objects 10
  • 5000 = Micro-dot-global (Company Kit for marking objects 50)
  • 15000 = Micro-dot-global (Super Kit for marking cars or dozens of objects)
  • FAQs

    How to apply the Micro-dot-global?

    The kit contains a tube with micro dots and an applicator. The areas where the object will be applied, should be cleaned and the applicator spread over the area. For vehicle application is recommended to be done with an air gun by a specialist workshop.

    How many points do I apply Micro-dot-global?

    As you wish, but they are virtually impossible to remove, the more points the object you spend the better the identification process.

    Which parts do I apply?

    Always mark in places that do not have constant friction, and to prevent contact as connectors and circuit boards, apply the internal parts of the device eg in mobile can be applied inside the battery chamber but not in their most connectors Interestingly make the application in various areas of hidden object and which are not easy to find. For more informaÁše, write to contact@microdotglobal.com.

    How to tell if we can read the Micro-dot-global once applied?

    Micro-dot-global can be read from both sides with a 50X loupe. or equipment specially developed for this purpose and sold by CGS- Micro-dot-global

    How Micro-dot-global are detected?

    You only need an ultraviolet lamp (UV), sold in several places, once detected the area where it was applied will need to use a 50X lens, where police operation the unit will have its own digital microscope for this purpose.

    What to do after scoring the goods?

    You must register with your unique code in our secure database, add your contact information and then the data and description of the objects, serial number, brand, color and images

    Is my personal information secure?

    Yes, all the information that is entered into the registry of property, whether personal or on the object, are stored in a completely secure platform that works with the strictest codes of confidentiality and the best mechanisms to protect information.